Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama's Uncle in Auschwitz

Either Obama is really lucky that Scott McClelland's book is occupying the media, or, as Hillary Clinton has argued, there is an Obama bias within the liberal media.

Obama's comment about his uncle being among the first American soldiers to liberate the prisoners in Auschwitz is no less incredible than Hillary Clinton's tale of being under sniper fire in Boston. (He meant great uncle, and the camp was Buchenwald.) Both tales are yarns that politicians weave in the heat of a story-telling moment, but the media has let Obama's mistake go with as much generosity as it was cynical with Clinton's.

Obama gets a pass because the media has bought his story that he transcends the old ways of Washington. Everything Hillary does, though, is more evidence that she is a dirty politician. Consider a more contemporaneous example, her Robert Kennedy remark. Now she shot herself in the foot with that comment for sure, but she certainly did not get a pass for that one. Here's the latest kitchen sink the lady flung, the media sung.

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