Thursday, July 10, 2008

Washington Times on the AIP

Suzanne Fields, a conservative columnist, addressed The Anti-intellectual Presidency in her article in the Washington Times today.

And to be fair and balanced, David Zizzo had some unflattering things to say. Apparently, my argument is implausible because I use the word "loquacious." My point exactly, Mr Zizzo.

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Nik said...

Things I found interesting:

1) Suzanne Fields plagiarized your sub-title when she said, "In 'The Anti-Intellectual Presidency,' Elvin T. Lim traces the decline of presidential rhetoric from George Washington to George W. Bush." I found that to be a very odd choice. Also, she calls you "Mr." Lim. Strange.

2) David Zizzo's article is completely incomprehensible in its message. His statements derailing intellectuals were clearly meant to look like sarcastic cuts, but were so laden with ironic compliments that it was impossible--for me, at least--to derive any actual meaning from them. I couldn't tell whether he insulted you or the people who detract you more. Very strange.